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Tuition Lesson fee We use a ticket system. You need to purchase your tickets before you can take a lesson. Please note that we count 1 ticket for a 50 minute class, 1.5 tickets for a 75 minute class, 2 tickets for a 100 minute class, and so on. Having a number of tickets enables you to be more flexible with your lesson planning, e.g. once a week, or you might prefer double sessions each day.

Tuition / Lesson fee

We provide three types of service at different prices.
Please read the details of each service J-01(Basic) J-02(Standard) J-03(Advanced) and choose the one which best matches your needs and budget.
*J-02(Standard) is our standard course for busy business people.
*You can purchase the tickets via PayPal in each page.

Type of tickets      
(Basic Plan)
(Standard Plan)
(Advanced Plan)
Unit Price *1 from USD21.00-
from USD36.00-
from USD53.50-
Comparison of each service content
(Yes++ = First-class / Yes = Standard / N/A = Not applicable)
Reservation system Yes Yes Yes
Lesson management system Yes Yes Yes
Lesson report *2 Yes Yes++ Yes++
Experienced teacher *3 Yes Yes++ Yes++
Reservation / cancellation *4 Reservation system only Reservation system, Email, and Tel. Reservation system, Email, and Tel.
Time limit for cancellation *5 24hours 12 hours 12 hours
Lesson plan sheet *6 N/A Yes++ Yes++
Assessment and certificate *7 N/A N/A Yes++
Personal Blog space *8 N/A N/A Yes++

*1 The price of tickets and their validity differ according to the package you choose. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the more you save!!
We accept Japanese Yen as well as US Dollars. Click here to see the price list in JPY .
*2 We provide lesson reports with each service. The students of "J-02(Standard)" and "J-03(Advanced)" will receive detailed lesson reports on the previous lesson, including the new vocabulary, grammar and expressions you have learned. These reports are very useful for quick revision for busy people.
*3 We provide all students with J-OS quality teachers. For " J -02(Standard)" and " J -03(Advanced)" , we offer teachers who meet the following conditions.
1) longer experience with J-OS courses.
2) advanced knowledge and skills in computer-based teaching and who have more experience in writing online lesson plans.
3) an ability to design an extended course tailor-made to suit each individual student's needs on a long-term basis.
*4 Students of " J -01(Basic)" service must reserve or cancel a lesson using our online reservation system. Students of " J -02(Standard)" and " J -03(Advanced)" service may use E-mail and telephone as well as our reservation system.
**Telephone calls can only be accepted during our business hours .
*5 In case of cancellation; Students of " J -01(Basic)" service are to follow our procedure, using our reservation/cancellation system, 24 hours before the lesson. Students of " J -02(Standard)" and " J -03(Advanced)" service may use E-mail and telephone as well as our reservation system to cancel, 12 hours before the lesson.
**To cancel a lesson scheduled for a holiday or the day following a holiday via E-mail or telephone, either;
1) 12 hours before the scheduled lesson
2) Japan Time 8:00pm (20:00) on the last business day before the holiday
whichever is the earlier will be the deadline.
If you cancel your lesson in time, there will be no charge. However, if the cancellation is made after the deadline, we will count the relevant ticket. Please note that frequent cancellations may result in your teacher being assigned to another student. You will receive a replacement teacher.
*6 Students of " J -02(Standard)" and " J -03(Advanced) " service can request our lesson plan sheet. We design an extended course tailor-made to suit each individual student's needs on a long-term basis.
*7 Students of " J -03(Advanced) " service can request our language level assessment. We can set exams to check your language skills and send you a report and certificate every 50 lessons.
*8 Students of " J -03(Advanced)" service may request their own "Blog space" for your personal use to practice writing Japanese. This will help you revise and practice what you have learned in your lessons. The teacher and the J-OS staff will check it and correct mistakes or write their comments. The more you use your Blog space, the more you can improve your Japanese writing skill!

Custom-made (personalized) Japanese Courses.

Custom-made Japanese Courses We design your course to meet your needs, considering your Japanese language level, purpose of learning, personal aims and targets.

This is the greatest asset of one-to-one lessons.

Lesson Samples
General Using books or our original teaching materials, we offer you lessons to develop your general language skills.
JLPT Focusing on passing the Japanese Language proficiency Test (JLPT).
Vocabulary(kanji), Grammar, Reading and Listening practice shall be included.
>>How much do I have to study to pass the JLPT?
To conduct successful business in Japan, it is always good to show your effort to communicate in Japanese! This course helps you to be able to speak formally and to build up a good relationship with your clients and colleagues.
>>Level Check for Business Japanese
For advanced learners, we offer lessons to be able to communicate with Japanese business people more efficiently considering the special social structure found in Japanese business.
>>Level Check for Business Japanese

J-OS point system. Earn a free class!!

J-OS point systemJ-OS point system (JPS) is a program through which participating individual members may enjoy bonus tickets in exchange for points accumulated by purchasing J-OS tickets. 1 point will be credited to you when you purchase 1 ticket with applicable prices. Your accumulated 10 points will be redeemed for 1 bonus ticket automatically on the next purchase.

Tickets you purchase
Points and bonus tickets added
4 Tickets 4 points >> Carried over
10 Tickets 10 points >>1 bonus ticket
20 Tickets 20 points >>2 bonus tickets
50 Tickets 50 points >>5 bonus ticket
100 Tickets 100 points >>10 bonus tickets

*Points can be used only when you purchase the same type of ticket (plan).
*10 points is the minimum unit for bonus tickets.
*Points which are less than 10 shall be carried over.
*JPS may be terminated or changed at any time.

Refer-a-Friend campaign. Earn a free class!! New

Dear J-OS members.
Thank you very much for referring your friends to us. We appreciate your confidence in our lessons and your willingness to communicate this confidence to others. Be assured that we will continue to make every effort to live up to such expectations and as a small token of our appreciation, we launched this new campaign. For every friend or family member or colleague you refer that chooses to join J-OS and indicates that they were "referred by" you on the application form for a trial lesson, J-OS will present 1 ticket to you.

*This campaign is open only to individual J-OS members.
*New J-OS members must put your name in the application form for a trial lesson
(in the section "Where did you hear about J-OS?")
*J-OS will present the bonus ticket to you 2(two) weeks after the new applicant becomes a J-OS member.
*If the new J-OS member resigns from J-OS within 2(two) weeks, this campaign does not apply.
*This campaign is not valid in combination with other campaigns.

Refer-a-Friend campaign

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