Tailor-made curricula to suit your needs

Japan Online School customizes your lesson to meet your specific goals and needs.

This is the biggest advantage of one-to-one lessons.

  • I’m a beginner and want to start with the most basic of basics…
  • I want to take lessons geared toward passing the JLPT…
  • I want to learn business Japanese…
  • I want to improve my conversational skill…

J-OS does it all!
We customize your lessons to achieve your goals and meet your needs. Why not take the shortest route to your goals? Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll help you!

  • I don’t even know where I should start…

Don’t worry.
J-OS can recommend ready-made courses divided into 10 different skill levels. (General Course, JLPT Preparation Course, Business Japanese Course)

Recommended Curriculum

You can find the recommended curriculum for your level and your learning purpose.

Level Study Hours JLPT Linguistic Competence General Course JLPT Preparation Business Japanese
10 One has a complete fluency in the Japanese language. One has a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker.
9 900H N1 One has the ability to perform as a near native speaker of Japanese. One has comprehension for idiomatic phrases and proverbs but does not have thorough or confident of its usage. G-9 JLPT N1-A BJ-9
8 One is able to generally extend discourse without unnatural hesitation. One can handle various topics including social issues and special field. G-8 JLPT N1-B BJ-8
7 600H N2 One can converse with ease, confidence, and fluency when talking about familiar topics. One has the ability to convey ideas logically and persuasively. G-7 JLPT N2-A BJ-7
6 One is able to successfully explain situations providing concrete examples. One has the ability to state opinions related to social matters. G-6 JLPT N2-B BJ-6
5 450H N3 One has the ability to maintain a conversation with ease and confidence by asking appropriate questions. G-6 JLPT N3-A BJ-5
4 One is capable to simply explain topics related to daily activities such as “Shumi wa nan desuka?”, and also respond to unfamiliar topics with uncomplicated sentences and words. G-4 JLPT N3-B BJ-4
3 300H N4 One has the ability to make a simple response to the question about daily activities, for example, “Nichiyoobi wa nani wo shimashita ka? ” “Tomodachi to eiga ni ikimashita.” G-3 JLPT N4-A BJ-3
2 One is capable to simply describe everyday routines such as “Shigoto wa ~ji kara desu” and “Shigoto wa ~yoobi desu.” G-2 JLPT N4-B BJ-2
1 150H N5 One is able to only use limited phrases and expressions, such as “Konnichiwa”,”Arigatoo”,and “Namae wa ○ desu.” G-1 JLPT N5 BJ-1

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