Why do so many people choose Japan Online School?

check Personalised private online live lessons


One-to-one lessons are more efficient than with group lessons. As it is personalised to suit your individual needs, private lessons are the most effective way to learn a language.
You will find benefit from individualised lessons which will be built by our teachers according to your needs, current language level and any other relevant circumstances.

With J-OS, you will be able to:

Japan Online School's private online lessons are recommended for;

check Lessons available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world


Online live lessons using video phone are available from your home or office at any time you choose.
J-OS's online Japanese language lessons are perfect because of the benefits of time and location flexibility; -Busy business people can use their limited free time to take lessons efficiently -Homemakers and parents looking after young children can learn without leaving home -Learners who do not have a good Japanese language school nearby can study -You save the costs and time spent travelling to and from school.

Our registered Japanese language teachers are based all over the world so lessons are available 24 hours a day.

check Our Experienced, Friendly and Qualified Japanese Teachers

Japanese teachers

All our private Japanese language teachers are well qualified, experienced, supportive and friendly. Your studies will be structured using their expert language teaching method.

J-OS carefully selects teachers applying criteria;
1) Qualification (at least one required) :

2) Relevant computer skills including video phone software experience
3) Responsibility, good spirit and communication skills

Bilingual teacher who speaks your language is also available for learners who wish an intensive grammatical study or detailed explanation about subtle difference in nuance between languages. (Please contact J-OS support staff for up to date information on the availability of your language before starting your lessons)

*The list of J-OS teachers, together with their profiles is available here.

check Affordable Lesson Fees (From JPY1,800/ lesson)

best price

Private Japanese language lesson from JPY1,800 per lesson (50minutes). J-OS's online video phone lessons can be offered at affordable rates because we pass on savings on transport and classroom costs. On top of that, by taking lessons at home or in your office you also save transportation costs!

J-OS provides three types of lesson ticket. Each has a different level of lesson report and support service. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

*Fees Comparison to other language schools

Name J-OS school A school B school C
Tuition/50min from JPY1,800-
from USD21.00-
notes From your own home in your own time USD50.00/60min
in a classroom
in a classroom
Teacher's transportation expenses required

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