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Please check our sample movies out in order to understand how our online Japanese lessons are conducted.

*Thanks to one of our real students, we can provide these movies.
*To see the sample movies, click the pictures.

Movie 1
Because the teacher's explanation is easy to understand, the student could understand well.
They studied about "---to shiteno" using example sentence like "Nihon ha asia no ichiin to shiteno yakuwari wo hatasanakereba naranai" The student understood well saying "Ah, naruhodo!", thanks to the teacher's intelligible explanation. Moreover, when using the chat function you can also write text which can be very helpful during explanations and aids fast understanding.

Movie 2
When the student could understand a point, she previously could not, she took a victory pose!
The student seems to be glad, and she said "yoshi!" when she could solve the question. However, when the Japanese teacher praised the student, she said "Lucky desu" modestly. The student seems to have gotten used to Japanese culture completely, aided by her Japanese lessons.
Although the lesson at this time was 50 minutes, the lesson seems to have finished quickly. Finally, the homework the student is to do for next week is checked, and they end the conversation with "mata raishuu, yoroshiku onegai shimasu". The lesson was then ended.

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