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How to use SKYPE(v7.6)

Skype improve its program frequently so please download the latest version of Skype

*This is the manual for Window user. If you are a Mac user, please visit here.

[[ How to download the latest version of SKYPE]]

Please click the button for downloading

If you use English version
English explanation shall
appear, then click 'RUN'

You might see a confirmation
message, asking if you're sure
you want to run this software.
Click 'Run' again.

Select your language
and check the agreement,
if you accept the terms,
and click 'I agree - next'.

When the download has finished,
the Skype will appear.

Please Click 'Sign in' after filling in
'Skype Name' and 'Password'>

[[ How to create a new SKYPE name ]]
*For J-OS lessons, J-OS give you a SKYPE ID for you so you don't have to make it by yourself

If you don't have a Skype Name,
you can create from
'Sign in with a different account'
'Create an account'

Create Skype Name
and Password.
If you accept the agreement,
click ' I agree - create account'.

This is the window you will see
when you have signed in.

[[ How to have a webcam test / sound test]]

For setting of webcam,
choose 'Tools'-'Options'

Click 'Video settings' and check if your webcam work. If it is allright, you will see your face in the screen.

For setting of sound,
click 'Audio settings' and check if your Microphone and Speakers(or headset) work.

[[ How to make a call / video call]]

You can invite a
contact(=member) to
Call or Video call.

*In the case of not seeing
the contact online
please invite him/her anyway because sometimes Skype
shows a contact as offline
on the main window even if
the contact is really online.

When you invite,
the contact will see this.

If you are invited,
click the green icon.
('Answer with Video')

When the call start,
you can talk
and can see his/her image.

[[ How to start a text chat ]]

Right click on the
online contact,
and choose 'Send IM'

Type your message
for him/her here and
push 'Enter'

[[ How to sing out ]]

Click 'SKYPE'
- 'Sign out'.

[[ How to add a new contact into your contact list ]]

Click 'Contacts'
- 'Add a Contact'.

Enter his/her
SKYPE Name or full name
or e-mail address, etc.
and click 'Add'.

Select the person
you are looking for
and click 'Add contact'

Input your invitation message
click 'Send'.

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