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How to use Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (ver8.0 is called Windows Live Messenger) improve
its program frequently so please download the latest version of Windows Live Messenger
from : http://get.live.com/messenger/overview

After downloading please go to [Start]-[Program]-[Windows Live Messenger]

If you are unsure of how to download Messenger please see below.

If you use the previous version (MSN Messenger ver7.5), check "How to use MSN Messenger"

Please click "Get it free"

Once the download starts,
this screen will appear.
Please answer them

*You may see the explanation
in your language.

Once the setup wizard starts,
this screen will appear,
please click "Next"

After replying to the questions
in the wizard the installation will
start automatically.
After installation is completed
this screen will appear,
please click "Close"

Please do not check (or uncheck if it is checked)
the option 'Remenber Me', because other people use
this account for connection tests.
When Windows Live Messenger
does not start automatically, please click [START]-[Program]-[Windows Live Messenger].
If it does so, this screen will come up.
Please then "Sign in".

Please sign in to messenger using your private address or the address which J-OS uses (*).
(*)password: 123456

Other people may also use this address, so please be sure to check with J-OS before your connection test about whether other people will be using it around the time you want to use it.

You can get a new account for yourself.
Please click "Get a new account".

Once signing in has finished, registered member's condition will be displayed. Please double-click on an Online member to send them a message.

In this example, it turns out that "jsupport (J-OS staff)" is Online, and "jsupport2@--- is Offline.

*You can have a text-chat / voice-chat / video-chat only with an Online member.

*To add your friend's address into your members' list,
please click "Contacts"-"Add a contact" and add their address there and click "Save".

Once you double click on an online member, the window for messages will come-up automatically.

In this example, [jsupport- (J-OS staff)-Conversation ]" screen was displayed separately.

When not messaging someone only the main [Windows Live Messenger] screen is displayed, however, another screen is displayed when holding a chat and conversation with someone.

J-OS is calling these screens "the screen of Windows Live Messenger", and the "screen of jsupport-(J-OS staff)-Conversation", respectively.

The sound and webcam image can be adjusted after a camera and a head set are plugged in.

Please click "Tools"-"Audio and Video setup" in order to check that your set-up is trouble free.

You can check it from the main screen (the screen of Windows Live Messenger) too.

The screen for adjustment appears.
Please reply to the questions in order.
Since it is often necessary to check your camera and headset, please remember this function.

After adjustment is completed,
let's begin a video chat.
Please click the "Start a Video Call"
and wait for your partner to accept.

If you use an earlier version of Messenger,
the "Start a Video Call" button may be called something else.

Such a screen is displayed on the PC of the partner who is invited to the video chat by you.
Since the message (in the red ceircled portion) appears on a screen, please click on "Answer" and the video chat will start.

Depending on the connection environment and the timing by which your partner accepts, "connecting" state may continue for several seconds.

After a partner accepts, the video chat starts automatically.
Once connection is completed, "Connection established" will be displayed on the lower left of the screen.

The screen can be maximized by clicking on the arrow (see the upper right section which is circled in red in this picture).
* Only Version 7.0 or later offers this function.

Moreover, as a method of adjusting the size of the screen, if the arrow (see the bottom right section which is circled in red in this picture) is clicked, the screen size can be chosen.
* Only Version 7.5 or later offers this function.

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