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voice of students

Mr.Michael Scheuner / Germany - Hoesbach


I have been studying with J-OS for about 3 months now. In this time, thanks to Ms. Yates, a skilled and highly professional teacher, my knowledge of vocabulary, kanji and grammar increased considerably, although i'm only taking 2 lessons a week. Nevertheless it's mandatory to invest a certain amount of time to keep the learned in memory. The teacher helps here with giving, correcting and reviewing a sensible amount of homework. I came to appreciate the geographical mobility that comes with learning over the net. Usually i'm at home when conducting classes, but in the case i'm busy at work, i can just fire up skype at my office-computer and take the lesson from there. There is no need to hasten to a specific place. One more thing: From the beginning I was able to use the textbooks i already had und learned with, so the transition from online to offline learning was very smooth. The teacher asked in the first lesson to which chapter i have been lerning and we went on from there. To sum it up: My experience until now is very good and i will certainly continue to take online-lessons from J-OS.

------- from J-OS
Michael-san, thank you very much for your comment. Michael-san have been working very hard to do the homework that Yates-sensei gives. I know that it is not easy because of your busyness but keep doing, it must improve your skills.

Mr.Yoann Rindel / France - Paris


I have discovered by chance J-OS school through their website, and I must say that I am very happy with the results so far. I have tried to learn Japanese by myself for about two years, studying text books on my own on a daily basis, but my conversation level remained very poor due to the lack of talking. My busy schedule didn't leave me any chance to follow lessons at school, and I thought that self learning was the only option for me. Then I discovered that I could take one-to-one online lessons with Japanese teachers for a very affordable price, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the lessons. My targets have been well understood by Kei-san, who quickly found a teacher adapted to my needs and schedule. In only few lessons, I already started to see a clear improvement, and quickly felt more comfortable expressing myself in Japanese.
Nagata-sensei, who takes care of me since the trial lesson, has been very patient and always adapts the lessons' pace to my level, while smoothly provocking the conversation. I would advise anyone to start lessons in Japanese laguage directly, even though it can be hard at first, as the improvement is tremendous. Now, I'm not affraid anymore to speak Japanese to my colleagues and friends whenever I can, and I believe this is just the begining. I have found the right way for me to learn Japanese, and never regreted to have chosen J-OS.

------- from J-OS
Yoann-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you can use Japanese a lot in your business :)

Ms.Herfurth Melanie / Belgium - Brussels


I am not an IT-oriented person and I am always suspicious of language schools whether online or not as they rarely offer proper courses for people with intermediate/advanced level. But I have to say the connection test went smoothly although it was my first time using skype and the trial lesson was very good.
I am very pleased with the support always efficient and the all the follow-up/information emails. I am also of course very pleased with my course with Okuyama-sensei. She easily adapts to my pace and when a lesson is finished I always have the feeling that some improvement has been made. She is also very patient in correcting my homework. ;-p
When I go back to Japan, I am always disappointed to realise first thing when I arrive that I have forgotten so much because I do not practise regularly. Now I am actually thrilled and cannot wait to go!!!
Thank you very much for the good work!!!

------- from J-OS
Melanie-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you come to Japan soon :) By the way, did you take the photo in Osaka?

Ms.Nguyen Thuy Trang / Viet Nam - Ho Chi Minh City


With j-os online one-on-one Japanese lesson, I can stay at home to study Japanese effectively with a native speaker while I still made time for my two little kids. Lesson report is an effective material for me to review the lesson. It always be sent within one day after my lesson, and covers many main points of the lesson. Recognizing my mistakes and correcting them is an important part in order to improve my Japanese. So my sensei also notes my mistakes that I made on that lesson in the report. Morever, useful information about Japanese learning such as e-magazine, selected website ... are also sent to support my self-study from the sensei and support staff.
Besides, at the beginning, it concerns me that which textbook is suitable for me, and I really appreciated that J-OS support staff has suggested the right one. Even though I am advised to study with the textbook not study the textbook, choosing a right text book made my study more interesting and effecitively.
Last but not least, that communicating with Japanese sensei almost every week has not only improved my Japanese but also built my confidence in my Japanese ability. My sensei is also my mentor too. He did not forget to say "がんばってください" which means "Try your best" when I got a cold or tired.
In conclusion, I am totally satisfied with high quality J-OS's service and all I want to say now is "J-OS, my love".

------- from J-OS
Trang-san, thank you very much for your comment. I went on a business trip to Ho Chi Minh 2 years ago and enjoyed a lot. And now I hope you come to and enjoy Tokyo someday :)

Mr.Matthew Bjers / South Korea


I move around a lot so it's nice to be able to have access to a school no matter where I am, and also to keep the same teacher. I've only had one teacher with JOS, but she is very organized and professional. I don't worry about the lesson content because I know she is a good teacher and put's a lot of emphasis on my speaking and involvement.

------- from J-OS
Matthew-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy your time in South Korea :)

Mr.Julien Gontier / France - Versailles


To me, a 50 min one-on-one lesson is a really intensive learning experience which enables to improve rapidly the speaking.
The fact that we can choose the subjects of conversation is also really effective to make me do improvement on the specific ideas I need to tell in Japanese.
But contrary to what I thought, the lessons are also really good to work on the JLPT preparation. Ikeda sensei is really good at giving the natural explaination of a native-speaker on difficult grammar or vocabulary issues that are often explained poorly or awckwardly in books.

------- from J-OS
Julien-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope your success in the JLPT :)

Mr.Ryan / Canada - Toronto


At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from J-OS. But after having a consultation and trial lesson, I was excited to get started. The lessons are lighthearted but super informative. Having a teacher who is dedicated to answering questions and providing clear explanations makes studying Japanese a little easier. My questions are always answered and the teacher is great at teaching at a pace that's challenging for my level but not intimidating. The support staff is awesome!! Any questions are answered almost immediately. They stay in touch from time-to-time providing students with tools and information to make studying Japanese more fun and easier. J-OS has been great so far! I appreciate the contact of the staff. The lessons are helpful and taught at a perfect pace for my level.

------- from J-OS
Ryan-san, thank you very much for your comment. I always enjoy watching your video. It must be good practice for your Japanese speaking practice as well, so keep doing it.

Ms.Hiedee Sandiego / Japan / Tokyo


J-OS is great way to learn Japanese language online for a very reasonable price. One-on-one online lessons provides a very stress-free environment that encourages easy learning. Flexibility on time and place provides additional comfort, so student can focus more on the lessons it self. My teacher is very pleasant and is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. She gives me enough explanation and answers my questions intelligently. Staff are very helpful in sharing information and techniques about how to study Japanese. They also responds in a timely manner to all my inquiries and I've never really had difficulties in finding solution to system problems. The reservation system is great, It saves me a lot of time and effort in securing class schedule. One thing I also like is how the lesson reports were written and submitted after the class. It helps me review important topics that were discussed during the lessons and the correction notes from the teacher helps me so much in remembering my mistakes.

------- from J-OS
Hidee-san, thank you very much for your comment. Hope you use the business Japanese on the job :).

Ms.Nicolette / Korea - Jinju


I have tried many sites and only ended up frustrated because I didn't learn much. The J-OS system is very organized and has friendly professional teachers who know what they're doing. Two months ago I couldn't speak Japanese to save my life, but now, thanks to J-OS I can have a short proper basic conversation with my teacher. Don't waste your money on other systems, go for J-OS, believe me-I've never had any regrets!

------- from J-OS
Nicolette-san, thank you very much for your comment. Keep learning, you can make steady progress :).

Mr.Christian Kaiser / Germany - Munich


Dear J-OS Support Staff
I must say i really like your friendly staff. Also i'm enjoying the lessons i have taken until now. It really helped me a lot to get closer to my goal, the JLPT-3. Even though i have to work a lot and was able to take lessons only on weekends i tried my best to do the homework each week and receive the correction from my teacher. It was really hard for me to find a good place to study near where i am living (probably there are not many people in germany learning japanese). But when i found J-OS i was really glad to have found a working solution. I also like to read your newsletter each time, cause it usually provides some really interesting information about japan. keep up the good work :)

------- from J-OS
Christian-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to know that you enjoy the newsletter. Ofcouse we will keep doing it :).

Mr.Daniele Galuppo / Italy - Milan


Everything in this school works well, from teachers to support, at a really good price. Whether you need to improve rapidly or want to take it easy, an online course allows you to set your own pace because you decide when to take lessons.
Highly suggested for those strongly committed to learn Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Dan-san, thank you very much for your comment. I know Dan-san has been working very hard and has a good study plan so I believe you can pass JLPT level 2 next!

Ms.Poutiainen Pirkko / Finland / Pori


J-OS now: Today I am very glad that I found my way to J-OS. A student can plan her/his study program a long way forward, So she/he can all the time be aware how he is progressing and/or keeping along with her/his intended course of studies.

I like also the system of the teacher being a kind of tutor - leading the student on her/his chosen path - more than a traditional teacher demanding the correct answers to given questions. Learning is after all a very individual business and having come to a net school one is perhaps looking more for guidance and encouragement than "teachering" in the old meaning of the word. . (This is of course a very personal view!!!!!!!)

Study plan, lesson report and personal contact with a Japanese teacher all make the process of learning Japanese excessively more interesting whether one has a definite goal like e.g. JLPT or just widening ones horizons.

And because the tuition is s.c. private tuition, this means that there is no rivalry between students and no grading, the student competes only against herself/himself and is always "the best in her/his class"!

------- from J-OS
Pirkko--san, thank you very much for your comment. We do our best to ensure that you can pass JLPT 3 this year. Issho ni ganbari mashou!

Ms.Minna Zsofia Herczeg / Hungary


I am very glad I finally decided to try and take lessons at J-OS. Taking online lessons is the only way for me to learn Japanese from a qualified native speaker in a flexible, time- and cost-efficient way.

Although I am just a beginner and need a lot of help, both my teacher and the support staff at J-OS give me all the possible support I might need. My teacher tries to structure her lessons in a way to help me benefit the most from them.

------- from J-OS
Minna-san, thank you very much for your comment. Minna-san is the first member from Hungary, we feel sure that we can be effective by learning / teaching remotely.

Mr.Mark Ribble / US / Virginia


I absolutely love the service you offer. J-OS has been the solution to my problem of not having access to any Japanese classes where I live.
One on one teaching is always the way to go if you have the opportunity. So I like this much better actually than a class environment because I'm able to learn faster. I would definitly recommend J-OS to anyone who is just starting or someone who is advanced. Domo Arigatougozaimasu J-OS!!!!

Also a special thanks to my teacher Takenaka Sensei.:-)She has been wonderful and I look forward to learning more from her. I appreciate all you've done! Sincerely, Mark

------- from J-OS
Mark-san, thank you very much for your comment. We are sure that Mark-san's Japanese has been improved and also we hope our Japanese lessons make your studies of Aikido much easier when you study Japan.

Mr.Robert Baruch / US / Maryland


Aside from a few phrases, I am a complete beginner in Japanese.

There is nothing like having one-on-one live lessons for language learning. My main problem was finding a Japanese teacher locally that would teach during evening hours. Through J-OS and Skype, I suddenly had available to me any registered teacher anywhere in the world. And I don't even have to drive to a classroom, and my teacher is fluent in English, too!
The lesson material is also excellent. A previous CD-based self-learning course taught me that apparently the most useful phrase after getting off the plane at Narita Airport was "Won't you have a drink?" Instead, with the Minna no Nihongo textbook, I'm learning useful phrases for introduction, directions, and so on. Live learning, no travel, a great pool of teachers, and a great textbook. This is a powerful combination!

------- from J-OS
Robert-san, thank you very much for your comment and your picture with sharp fangs :) I guess you took this picture on Halloween night, didn't you? When you meet your iaido sennsei from Japan, let's speak Japanese with him! Now you can do it.

Mr.Duncan Stibbard Hawkes / England / Leamington Spa


At first I was unsure that teaching over the web would be any substitute for face to face instruction, especially on a site that I had discovered by chance on Google. However after the trial lesson I was quite convinced not only that webcam was a good teaching medium but that the quality of language teaching was better than any I had previously experienced in the UK. No small feat for a language which is thought to be one of the most challenging in the world.

The support staff respond quickly to issues, clearly take an interest in the students education and patiently solve all the technical blunders they (I) may happen to make. The teaching is both informative and fun, not to mention very affordable. To sum it up in a phrase "Japan Online School wa saikou desu".

------- from J-OS
Duncan-san, thank you very much for your comment. I guess you took this picture in Indo. How was the trip to Indo? Understanding different cultures is important to learn a language and I think Duncan-san is good at this point, too :)

Mr.Hayden / Japan-Omori


I choose J-OS over a number of options because J-OS gave me flexible teaching and Japanese learning options. I work in a typical Japanese office. Real-world situations like telephone calls and business meetings over-run. The days that I planned to finish work at 6pm, often due to reality of the office, often end at 7pm, or 7.30 o'clock, or later. J-OS is a 24 hour Japanese language school. I can take a lesson in a quiet office meeting room during my lunch break on a notebook PC, or at home in the evening. To take a lesson with J-OS, I'm not having to make excuses, or explaining to my co-workers why I have to leave the office early (again), in order to get to some Japanese language school, that is half way across town, and on the 4th Floor, in some anonymous building, somewhere. I've taken lessons with a Japanese teacher in an anonymous building, somewhere, before. Of course the clear difference is that you are in the same room as a physical person, (the teacher). However, I have found with J-OS, even though the teacher is talking to you over a web-cam, and a Messenger chat session is a white board replacement. You can still learn Japanese just a well with J-OS. (Plus after the J-OS lesson you can do a Control-C Copy, and Paste of everything the teacher wrote on the J-OS Messenger chat "whiteboard", after the lesson. For study later in the week. Just _try_ and do that in a real classroom!)

I've found the J-OS teachers and the teaching to high quality. The teachers accept that I have holes in my knowledge of Japanese, which is the reason I came to a Japanese school in the first place. Absence of knowledge is accepted and worked with.

J-OS school is a fresh idea to teaching Japanese, and for me, clearly works.
The reservation system is easy. You select a day, you select a time, you press submit. It's truly that simple. Plus the J-OS staff can speak, read, and write English, so there is no communication problems.

------- from J-OS
Hayden-san, thank you very much for your comment on our services :).
It is great thing that you improved your Japanese although you are very busy.

Mr. Smith Patrick / US-Jacksonville, Florida


J-OS is one of the best online schools that I have ever had the honor of being a member of. As a former Nova language teacher who has had a chance to live and work in Japan, I believe J-OS rivals many of the on-site schools in Japan in terms of availability, teacher instruction, and price. My knowledge of the language, and interest in the culture have been renewed once again thanks to J-OS language school. Thank you

------- from J-OS
Patrick-san, we hope you make Japanese Haiku using Japanese phrase you have learned in your next visit to Japan.

Ms.Winnie Wang / US-New Jersey


"AWESOME" -- that's the one word I would use to describe J-OS. Before I had my trial lesson, I was really nervous...I had so many questions...I didn't know what kind of teacher I would get, what kind of interactions we would have, what levels of Japanese will the instructor be teaching...etc. I got so nervous that I almost wanted to give up on the trial lesson, but then I told myself that I might actually like the teacher and the lesson, and I would regret it if I didn't even give it a chance.
So here I am, couple months after studying with J-OS. Kei-san did a good match on Kawamura-sensei and me... I literally enjoy every second that I study with Kawamura-sensei -- she's really one of the greatest teachers I've ever had. She is very knowledgable and interesting...she knows the materials very well, she explains new concepts in great details, and she also takes couple minutes of our next lesson reviewing what was taught in the previous one, to make sure that I understand the new materials. I've really learned a lot from her, and I believe I will continue to learn more.
One more thing I would like to say is that after studying with J-OS, I feel that my speaking and listening abilities have improved tremendously. I don't think this is something I would get if I attended a group lesson, where I don't get many chances to practice my speaking skills.
The support is great, I especially like the online reservation system and lesson report. Online reservation system really makes my life a lot easier -- couple clicks and then I'm reserved for the next lesson. It's been set up the way that it's really easy to schedule, cancel and re-schedule. I also get a lesson report after each class -- I think this is great because by reading lesson reports, I can review and refresh what was taught on a particular lesson, and I'll know how much I've learned/improved.
In general, my experiences with J-OS are very pleasurable, Kawamura-sensei is marvelous, and I really want to thank Kei-san and Kawamura-sensei for everything they've done. =D

------- from J-OS
Hi, Winnie-san.The lessons between Winnie-san and Kawamura-sensei looks so interesting every time, I always enjoy the lesson reports.

Mr.Thomas J. Webb / US-Wrightwood, CA


J-OS is a great way to connect with native-speaking Japanese teachers. You get the flexibility of choosing teachers that can explain grammar to you in English or those who you must use Japanese entirely with. I have chosen the latter method and I believe it has helped get my Japanese to the next level.

------- from J-OS
Thomas-san, thank you for your taking our lesson in the long term. The Japanese report Thomas-san made was so great, I was really surprised by your improvement on the day! We are looking forward to your next report.

Mr.Fabian Mueller /Switzerland-Zurich


I am a university student in Switzerland, who just started majoring in Japanese Studies. So I am still a beginner in Japanese. And my biggest problem is my underdeveloped oral-fluency. That's why I turned to J-OS. And it works just perfect for me. My teacher is kind and makes a very competent impression on me. I can have great conversations with him and he corrects my mistakes patiently and explains everything slowly to me. He is also very flexible and I can tell him every time what I want to practice. So because of J-OS my fluency improved a lot in the last weeks.

Everything else at J-OS is also very convenient. The introduction to the service was a very smooth process and everything was explained to me. The reservation system is pretty professional and makes everything easier. And after every lesson I get a detailed and written lesson-report from my teacher, which is amazingly helpful, since it's pretty inconvenient to make notes all the time during the conversation. In addition the lessons are well-priced (even for poor students...) and the support is personal and fast. So, if you'd like to improve your fluency in Japanese, I can recommend J-OS with no doubts. For me it's fun and it really works, it's like having a Japanese teacher next door.

Thanks a lot to Kei and his team and keep up the good work! And what I always wanted to say to you: Ueno-san is a great teacher! He is helping me so much!

------- from J-OS
Ueno-sensei informed me that Fabian-san's Japanese skill improved surprisingly! We know that you are very busy with your study in University but hope you enjoy our lessons. Please take care when you ride a bicycle. :)

Mr. Ming-Yuan Tseng / England - Horley

The online one-to-one is equivalent to the classroom one-to-one.i consider it of good value of money.

------- from J-OS
Ming-Yuan-san, Thank you for the comment! I believe online live one-to-one lessons is best.

Ms.Secq Vanessa / Belgium

At the beginning, i was a little bit afraid by the one-on-one lesson. I was thinking that my japanese was too bad in order to have a real exchange with a native speaker. However, the teacher knowned how to adapted the level language and it's real easy to communicated and understand the lesson.

------- from J-OS
Vanessa-san, Thank you for the comment! Yes, as you said, one-one-one lessons is best for all learners as the teachers can arrange.

Ms.Anne L. / Spain - Barcelona

It's been over two months now that I started taking lessons at j-os. I registered for the JLPT N5 without having made any preparations, just so that I would have a goal, some and better motivation to study, but there was very little time left, and I didn't have much hope left that I could actually do it. I don't know yet if I passed (I hope so), but if I did, it will be thanks to my excellent teacher, Masae Horita sensei, who organised the pefect learning schedule for me. In the end, I could take the exam as best prepared as possible, which I really appreciate. We will now continue our lessons at a slower pace in order to deepen my knowledge and understanding of things previously learned. I feel confident that, over next year's time, I will learn enough to take my Japanese to the next (N4) level one year from now, when it's JLPT time again. As I live in a very rural area, face-to-face or classroom lessons aren't really an alternative option for me right now. I would love to have a Japanese class and meet other people studying the language, but I don't feel I'm missing out on learning opportunities by taking lessons via skype.

------- from J-OS
Anne-san, Thank you for the comment! If I need to study Spanish, then I also take SKYPE lesson!

Mr. Mickael / France - Paris

This system school is a really interesting for students who's want to learn or progress in japanese language. It's easy to connect, reserve the lesson and use the Tools of the school. I am really happy to know this school and progress in japanese day after day.

------- from J-OS
Mickael-san, Thank you for finding us! We are also happy with your progress in Japanese :)

Ms. Susanne / Spain - Madrid

Using J-OS for learning Japanese has several advantages for me:
- I have an assigned, personal teacher, who is following my progress and we agree together the lesson plan, adapted to my personal training needs and goals.
- I can have classes from anywhere in the world. I am traveling frequently, but I just need to bring my computer to have always my Japanese teacher with me.
- J-OS offers a range of Japanese teachers (however I have studied so far only with one, and there is not reason for me to change)

------- from J-OS
Susanne -san, Thank you for the comment! We are happy to hear that you found a best teacher for you :)

Ms. A P / Finland

Very useful. I hope to continue these online lessons in years to come.

------- from J-OS
A.P-san, Thank you for the comment! Yes, we also hope you to continue :)

Mr. Y S / Japan - Yokohama

The J-OS lesson really works quite well. A 100 min one-on-one lesson can be a great boost to your speaking ability. Moreover, I think what's unique for J-OS is that the curriculum can be decided with your own participation. Before starting my lesson, I had this discussion with the staff, where I talked about what I want to learn mostly and what is my expectation for this lesson. Therefore eventually, the contents J-OS offer me goes exactly to my need. Another good point is that, for each lesson, the teacher will summarize the key points and send it to me just next day. This is of great help for reviewing what I have learned and saved me lots of time. In short, I think you will be quite satisfied with your improvement in Japanese if you choose J-OS.

------- from J-OS
Y.S-san, Thank you for the comment! We know you grow big in the course. Hope your success in the business.

Mr. Ken / Hong Kong

I took lessons with a couple of excellent teachers with J-OS so far, I really appreciated their school master, Mr. Koike and his assistants. They usually provided professional guidance and a lot of constant encouragements to me via their regular e-magazine and free online consultation. They are even better than the real Japanese schools where I studied at in Japan in the past!!

------- from J-OS
Ken-san, Thank you for the comment! We hope your success in the business.

Mr.Owen / Japan - Osaka

J-OS is the best way to study Japanese. Previously, I had tried a group class and a private lesson with a nearby teacher, but I was left less than satisfied with the results. In the group class, I felt like the majority of my time was wasted and that it really wasn't an effective way to learn. My private lessons were enjoyable, but that was it; I felt like I was just "chatting" instead of improving. My first impression of J-OS was very positive. Mr. Koike took the time to listen to my concerns and find the right teacher for me. Since then, my impression of J-OS has only improved. My teacher, Ms.Yano, is great. Not only are her lessons fun and enjoyable, but I really feel like I am improving. She takes the time to detail all my mistakes and gives my lots of useful alternative expressions. The lesson reports I receive from her are an invaluable aid in my studies. Although I might have a long way to go before I reach my goals, I feel positive that with Ms. Yano I will eventually get there and beyond. Mr. Koike also provides excellent support with regular emails providing interesting insights and offering useful links. This allows me to feel very confident about the level of service on offer at J-OS. I am truly a very satisfied customer and I would not hesitate to recommend J-OS to anyone who is serious about improving their Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Owen-san, Thank you for the comment! I know you are already advanced speaker of Japanese but you can improve more :)

Mr.HG / Japan - Tokyo

Awesome teacher - very good at explaining things and creating a good learning atmosphere. Great mixture of Japanese and enough English for grammar explanations. I want to continue having my next 100 classes on a regular basis with 3 classes per week on the same time slots.

------- from J-OS
HG-san, Thank you for the comment! Hope you enjoy talking with your teacher Noriko-san.

Ms.Lin Wai Fun / Hong Kong

It's a very comfort and good method for learning Japanese language, highly recommend this link to my friend.

------- from J-OS
Lin-san, Thank you for the comment! Hope we can learn together with your friend, too.

Mr.CSR / Japan - Miyagi

J-OS works for me. I live in a rural part of Japan, and there aren't any schools around the area. So J-OS is very flexible to my needs. The lesson reports are very helpful in reviewing each week's lessons, and the reservation system makes things easy.

------- from J-OS
CSR-san, Thank you for the comment! Hope you enjoy talking with your relatives in Japanese.


J-OS is a great place to learn Japanese at your own pace. My lessons with Ms. Yano have been excellent. Her lessons reports are very helpful. The review of the lessons vocabulary expressions with examples in these reports have helped me to remember what I learned in the lessons.

------- from J-OS
RC-san, Thank you for the comment! Hope you enjoy your next trip to Japan :)

Ms.Monica / Philippines - Baguio

I am a beginner of the Japanese language and before I started my studies at JOS, I only knew easy and uncomplicated Japanese words/phrases. Kataoka sensei has impressively aided me very much in learning the basics of the language. She has always been highly patient with me and constantly tries to add a little humor to each of our lessons. Learning Japanese at JOS has not only been advantageous and effective, but also it has given me a delightful atmosphere for fun study.

------- from J-OS
Monica-san, Thank you for the comment! As you are proffesional teacher you know how to learn. Keep the good work!

Mr.K C / Taiwan - Taipei

I initially registered for lessons with J-OS just to for test preparation, but it's a really organized system and the quality of the lessons was excellent. Learning one-on-one can be more effective then being passive and sitting in a class than listening to a teacher. This was my first experience learning online, and it's really convenient to not have to commute to lessons. More importantly, I prefer to learn at my own pace, so it's great to have control over how fast or slow I can study new material.

------- from J-OS
K C-san, Thank you for the comment! Hope you can work in Japan in the near future

Mr.M B / USA - Missouri

I personally like the J-OS. The teaching is good, the schedule was fit for mine. It is all around a good easy experience.

------- from J-OS
M B-san, Thank you for the comment!

Ms.Meleah Parrish / USA - North Carolina

I absolutely LOVE J-OS! The support is amazing, the teachers are kind, and I always feel that if I ever were to have a problem Kei-san would immediately help me! Even though I am very, very busy in real life I still take time out to have a Japanese lesson at least once a week because it is so fun and useful! My confidence in speaking Japanese has gone up, and I have even learned/used some words purely from hearing them in context without ever having looked them up to see what the English equivalent is -- this to me is an amazing example of how helpful it is to take lessons at J-OS.

------- from J-OS
Meleah-san, Thank you for the comment. I am very happy to hear that you enjoy the lessons with Ikeda-sensei!

Mr.Chris Dixon / Japan - Sendai

I used to walk 30 minutes to a Japanese class that was low quality. Now I can take a one-on-one lesson from an experienced teacher, and all I have to do is roll out of bed and turn on my computer! With my busy schedule, JOS makes it easy to fit lessons into your day.

------- from J-OS
Chris-san, Thank you for the comment. Yes, even busy people can learn Japanese at J-OS!

Mr.B.B. / Switzerland - Winterthur

I am fully satisfied with the teacher, tuition style and staff. My Japanese skills (especially listening and speaking) have improved a lot since I take lessons with J-OS!

------- from J-OS
B.B-san, Thank you for the comment. We will improve our reservation system as well!

Mr.Dmitry Maksyoma / New Zealand - Auckland

I'm paying 3000 yen per lesson, and a new student should do the same, in my opinion. I'm getting good level of English from my teacher and I assume that quality of lessons below 3000 yen will be not sufficient.

------- from J-OS
Dmitry-san, Thank you for the comment. I am looking forward to meeting you soon :)

Mr.R.B / Japan - Kumamoto

Overall, I am very impressed with the service that has been provided to me by J-OS. The trial lesson system provided a thorough and insightful introduction to the features available to me, as well as helping to ascertain realistic goals for my individual learning. To date, I have found both teachers and support staff to be punctual and professional in their approach to my education, and they frequently check to ensure I feel comfortable with my lesson progress. In my opinion, with time being the most significant factor in learning, I feel confident that I have invested well with J-OS.

------- from J-OS
R-san, Thank you for the comment. Let's study hard so that your hopes come true :)

Dr.Gabrielle Prendergast / Japan - Kochi

From the moment of the consultation I felt so comfortable and guided through the process. In the past I have almost always studied alone and followed textbooks without much real-life speaking and listening practice, and managed my own schedule. This meant I could put off study or that I'd always study things I was comfortable with. With a teacher my comfort zone is expanded and with appointments I make sure I keep up. Knowing that an experienced professional teacher is guiding me is reassuring, instead of just hoping I'm on the right path alone. Whenever I want to ask how to say something in Japanese, or to have something Japanese explained to me in English, it has saved me so much time instead of trying to look it up for myself.

------- from J-OS
Gabrielle-san, Thank you for the comment. Keep the good work. Also, thank you for referring your friends to us :)

Mr.Stephen / USA - California

Overall, the level of service from J-OS is very high. As for the lessons, the conversation practice is excellent. My teacher is good at provoking conversation in Japanese (questions and responses), which is very valuable to my Japanese learning.

------- from J-OS
Stephen-san, Thank you for the comment. We will do our utmost to live up to your expectations!

Mr.Josh Moore / Japan - Kagoshima

I think it's a great way to learn online, especially because there isn't a Japanese teacher in my area. Everyone is very professional and timely about responding to e-mails and getting back to me with information. The teachers also care about their students and go above and beyond to help them learn.

------- from J-OS
Josh-san, Thank you for the comment. You can master Kagoshima-ben as well :)

Mr.D.T. / Japan - Kanagawa

Ikeda-sensei is a very experienced instructor. She has a good sense of what I know and don't know, so she can provide very understandable explanations for me in Japanese. She gives me a good challenge every lesson. I took face to face lessons before. I like online lessons better because I can hear, read and see everything right in front of me. Plus I'm more relaxed being at home with a cup of coffee and my computer than at somebody's house or at a cafe.

------- from J-OS
D.T-san, Thank you for the comment. Let's go sufring together someday!

Mr.Gregory T. / Germany - Berlin

I am very happy with J-OS. I am a hobby learner, and am mainly doing it for fun and travel, so my teacher doesn't spend time teaching me business vocabulary, which I would probably never need. She is also very encouraging in getting me to speak in Japanese, which I think is very important when one is learning a language. The lesson reports always provide a good basis for following up what is taught in the lesson. Furthermore, with the technical possibilities provided by having a webcam and a Skype client, it almost feels like I am getting private lessons in the comfort of my own home.

------- from J-OS
Greg-san, Thank you for the comment. I look forward to meet you in Tokyo. Then speak to me in Japanese that you learned :)

Mr.N.S / Japan - Tokyo

My past experience with online lessons via Skype was good. I just wanted to have a larger field of teachers to choose from since I believe that it's best to learn a language by getting used to how different people speak. With J-OS, I now have more teachers to take lessons from.
Taking lessons online via Skype has worked out quite well for me. Although I believe that face-to-face lessons are ideal, online lessons offer several advantages over face-to-face lessons: They are cheaper because you don't pay for the cost of a facility; the text chat capability of Skype makes it possible for the teacher to explain things very clearly in type-written text instead of hand-written text; and if you like to record the audio part of lessons, the sound is much clearer than if you recorded using a voice recorder in a face-to-face lesson.
There are only a few online Japanese language schools that have a computerized reservation system and J-OS is one of them. Basically, you just go to the J-OS website, find your teacher's schedule, and simply reserve the time slot that works for you.
Finally, Mr Koike at J-OS provides excellent support. When I first started taking lessons at J-OS, I was not very satisfied with the quality of my lessons. After consulting with Mr Koike, he fixed me up with another teacher and since then I've been quite satisfied. In fact, I've just bought another 10 lessons and I hope to continue taking lessons with my current teacher for a long time.
I'm quite satisfied with my experience at J-OS. Ms Yano has been an excellent teacher.

------- from J-OS
N-san, Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your honest feedback at that time and am really happy to hear that you are satisfied :)

Mr.Aroon Maben / USA - Texas

I am very pleased that I joined Japan Online School. The overall support is excellent. My teacher, Iijima-sensei is outstanding. She is patient yet pushes me to learn. She goes out of her way to support my learning.

------- from J-OS
Aroon-san, Thank you for the comment. I know that you are very busy but GANBATTE KUDASAI NE :)

Ms.Joy / Taiwan

It's much more convinent than I thought to learn Japanese on skype. Though I havd passed JLPT 1st level, my speaking is not quite fluent. I think through one-on-one lesson, I can improve my speaking ability more effectivly. After some lessons I think I am becoming more comfortable in specking Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Joy-san, Thank you for the comment and the advice that you gave me.

Ms.Maria / Sweden / Kiruna

J-OS is a very convenient way of learning language. The one-on-one system makes it easily possible to adapt the plans and times for individual needs. The atmosphere during lessons is supportive and encouraging. I like that even when I do not have much free time I can enjoy a lesson in a time that suits me and relax by it.

------- from J-OS
Maria-san, Thank you for the comment. Keep studing!

Mr.Gregory Fraracci / Japan / Yokohama

I'm very pleased with the ease of operation. It's simple to make a lesson reservation and I receive timely responses to any questions I may ask. The support staff are very helpful and I feel comfortable talking to them as well as my teacher.

------- from J-OS
Greg-san, Thank you for the compliment.

Mr.Mrin / Japan / Kawasaki

From my perspective online course suits me best with the flexibility of time, working in a relaxed atmosphere, able to take class even during vacation and comparitively lower rates. Taking classes in J-OS specifically has following advantages :-
- Teachers availibility in general is very high
- Quality/Flexibility of teachers are very good
- Rates are affordable
- High focus on student satisfaction (both teacher/admin)
- Very good communication
- High quality Lesson reports

------- from J-OS
Mrin-san, thank you very much for your comment. We will keep improving these advantages :)

Mr.Frederik Altvater / Austria / Brand

This school is very good. I am working fulltime in shifts but this school gives me the opportunity to leran when ever I want to, between the shifts or after it is no problem. The teachers I am having are very friendly, helpfull and experienced in teaching through the internet. Recently I had my 20th lesson and I can see a heap of improvement. I am living in a remote area and the next Japanese school is more 100km away. I am very happy to have found this shool.
The support is very friendly and they give me tips for easier learning too. I am fully satisfied with this school. To everyone who wants to learn Japanese, this is the second best option appart from going to Japan. ^-^

------- from J-OS
Frederik-san, thank you very much for your comment. We will try to live up to your expectations and to be the best option for all Japanese learners :)

Ms.Sarah Smith / USA / Baltimore

The J-OS program has helped me reconnect with my Japanese language study. I have been searching for a Japanese course in my area, but the schedules at nearby universities do not suit my busy work requirements. J-OS allows me to have flexibility and to take lessons in the convenience of my home. My instructor is among the best I have ever had, and we are able to follow a very good textbook. In my short time with J-OS, my language ability is already improving dramatically and I am becoming more confident in speaking Japanese. Thank you, J-OS.

------- from J-OS
Sarah-san, thank you very much for your comment. I know it is not easy to keep learning but you are doing so well. Stay in touch and keep it up :)

Mr.George Yohng / Austria / Vienna

This is my first experience of private foreign language lessons, and certainly being satisfied. I am very impressed with the amount of work that Mr.Koike does, and the interaction with J-OS feels very alive. I feel being understood and properly taken care of.

------- from J-OS
George-san, thank you very much for your comment. Actually, I was worried I might have given too much information but now I'm relieved to hear it. :)

Ms. Andrea / Denmark / Copenhagen

I am really happy I found J-OS! After having tried live mini-group and -group lessons in two different schools in the course of a year, as a beginner, I was a rather disappointed with the lack of actual speaking practice over too much theory and grammar. I contacted J-OS at the same time as other online operations, and was very impressed with the fast and friendly service I got from them. With my charming teacher at J-OS, I found a very good mix of combining free conversation practice and pattern drill, and all in the course of a very effective (and fun!) 50min a week. If ever I can afford to give more time to my studies, I will certainly like to do so with you - many thanks indeed (^▽^)!

------- from J-OS
Andrea-san, thank you very much for your comment. I know you are busy but keep studing :)

Mr.N G / USA / San Francisco

My experience with J-OS has been fantastic. In the past I have scheduled one-to-one lessons with Japanese Instructors in person, but found that they took too much time out of the week for coordinating in person meetings.
The online instruction is on par with face to face meetings, and is easier to schedule and work into my existing day and takes much less time with no commuting. Because of the time difference between Japan and the US, I am able to schedule the lessons late at night assuring that I am able to attending on a regular basis.
Instruction quality has been superb, with good recommendations for textbooks and a course of instruction appropriate with my goals and skill level. Overall I have been very pleased with the quality of instruction I have received from J-OS, as well as the excellent level of support and willingness to help me received from J-OS staff.
I highly recommend this service to professionals, students and others interested in increasing their working knowledge of Japanese. Their is no substitute for real communication, and J-OS delivers a superior experience.

------- from J-OS
N-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy the links to popular tech blogs that I gave :)

Mr.Sebastien Wohlhauser / Switzerland / Fribourg

I'm very happy with this school, it's a very serious one. It's always a pleasure to have lesson with my teacher even if her lesson are very demanding...I have the feeling that I'm learning something. The reservation system is reliable and quick so I've nothing bad to say about it.

------- from J-OS
Sebastien-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to know that Sebastien-san like Mizukami-sensei's lessons. Keep speaking Japanese :)

Ms.Cheryl Watamura Martinez / Germany / Cologne

J-OS is a wonderful school. I wanted to learn online so that I would have one-to-one lessons without having to waste time going to another physical place. However, other online schools I corresponded with did not seem to have good set-up support or professional teachers. At J-OS, support before the first lesson was excellent and continues to be so. The system is very easy to understand. My teacher, Hashimoto-san, is wonderful. Even though she and Kei-san are far away, I feel like they are nearby, because in addition to being very professional, they are also warm and understanding people. They both radiate professionalism and caring, exactly what one needs and wants in a non-virtual - or for that matter any - teaching environment. I hope J-OS continues to be around for a long time!

------- from J-OS
Cheryl-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to know that Cheryl-san feels like we are nearby because that is one of the highest priority objectives of our online teaching :)

Mr.Alexander Karlsen / Norway / Skien

I don't really have much to add. Most things are excellent as they are. And i hope i can continue to have lessons with hashimoto takara for a long time. The only thing that isnt that great allways is the communication with cam and voice. Sometime freeze cam on msn and a bit bad cam quality on skype. Anyways keep up the good work with the site and everything =)

------- from J-OS
Alex-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you have some troubles with messenger system. I recomend you to use SKYPE if you still have same problems. Of course I am happy to have a connection test with you, please feel free to ask then :)

Mr.Tyler Thornblade / USA / Pittsburgh

I appreciate how my J-OS teacher forces me to speak and listen in Japanese. I was impressed by the general offering; the responsiveness and support are excellent and there is a lot of out-of-class feedback via the blog.

------- from J-OS
Tyler-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy the lessons with Iijima-sensei :) I enjoy reading your Japanese blog so please keep doing.

Ms. P / USA / N.Y

I came to know J-OS through friend's recommendation. At that time I was looking for other private lesson school, online or offline, since the one I was taking was very expensive, and the teacher did not really help me as much as I needed in improving my Japanese. The first interview with Mr. Koike has already given me a good impression about J-OS. Mr. Koike in that short interview really demonstrated his dedication in Japanese language teaching, the real principal of J-OS. He patiently listen to my poor Japanese and tried to understand my goals in learning the language. He also recommended me an excellent qualified teacher, Iijima Sensi who really came to my rescue as I was about to take Level I exam. Thanks to Iijima Sensi, I really find myself improved a lot during the short 2 months I have joined J-OS. One thing I feel really moved is when I mentioned that my goal is to study in Japanese University, Iijima Sensei has spent her own time finding the related materials; no teacher has ever done that to me so far, and I really, really appreciate it. With her help, right now I have started to act toward my goal instead of just thinking about it. I feel strongly that I will remain student in J-OS for a long time to come. I also highly recommend J-OS to anyone that really want to fulfill his/her goal in learning the most complicated and interesting language in the world.

------- from J-OS
P-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy the lessons with Iijima-sensei and waiting for good news in Feb :)

Ms. Ulrike Schnabel / Australia / Sydney

The flexibility of being able to choose the frequency of the lessons suits my work hours.

------- from J-OS
Ulrike-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy the lessons with Sae-sensei.:)

Ms. Sukuma Sawai / Osaka, Japan

Not only in the lesson, but every times I mail Nagaishi-sensei, she answers me and corrects my Japanese. She always cheers me up,doesnt make me feel tough to study Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Sawai-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope Nagaishi-sensei meet your request.:)

Ms. Priya Sasidharan / Osaka, Japan

Lecturers are well versed and very friendly. They help you in all the way they could. Ofcourse each lecturer have their own style of teaching. Support staff are helpful. Reservation system is very good. Thank you for all the help.

------- from J-OS
Priya-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy to know that Priya-san enjoy the lessons with both Yates-sensei and Takito-sensei. Ookini :)

Mr. David / Nagoya, Japan

In other schools I learned things that were good, but were not immediately useful. For example I learned lots of grammar and vocabulary, but I never really learned how to use it to be effective in real life.

At J-OS, the content of the lessons is immediately useful. I'm learning how to use what is learned in real life situations. Also, I'm getting feedback on how to use particles and keigo, which is helping to improve the quality of my Japanese and my ability to communicate effectively in Japanese culture.

When I started taking lessons at J-OS, one of my goals was to be able to communicate better with co-workers that only speak Japanese. Lately I have felt more confident in my ability to speak with them 100% in Japanese. Also, I have been meeting more Japanese speakers through social events, and I find that my ability and confidence in social situations has improved, too.

I'm very happy with the price of the lessons. Before J-OS, I often paid the same price or more for lessons that were lower in quality. Also, taking lessons via video chat is so convenient. I don't have to worry about bad weather, catching the train, paying for transportation or parking, or rushing to get to the school on time.
My teachers Takito Sensei and Iijima Sensei are also really nice and helpful, and I know they really want to help me succeed. They choose good, useful materials and it's obvious they have lots of experience. I feel confident that whichever J-OS teacher I choose, I can count on that teacher being experienced and qualified.

Thank you J-OS!

------- from J-OS
David-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy to know that David-san have felt more confident and your speaking skills has improved. David-san consider best way for Japanese study and gave the idea for us and now we are using 100% Japanese in class.

Ms. Chang / Hong Kong

Learning a new language requires a lot of effort and time and finding the right school is also important. Ive been to Japanese class before but when there were many students in the class, it was not easy to ask individual questions because everyone has different difficulties when it comes to learning a language. Also, it was difficult to practise conversation in a big class. However, JOSs teacher can help you according to your weakness and your needs. My teacher gives me homework to do and helps me to correct my own mistakes. At first, it was difficult to have a conversation in Japanese but it really comes with practice. With JOS lessons, I can choose my own time and have lessons as regular as I like. I do not have to worry about transportation because I can have lessons in the office or at home according to my own schedule. It is definitely more relaxing and more effective. Indeed, JOS provides a new and good way in learning Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Chang-san, thank you very much for your comment. When I went to Hong Kong for a business trip, I realized that learning Japanese is very popular for Hong Kong people but most of them are busy and does not have enought time to attend to Japanese school so I hope our online lessons can save your time.

Mr.Kevin Goodchild / Australia / Perth

Since I am planning to move to Japan next year with my wife I worried a lot about the Language barrier. I have previously stayed in Japan so I know how much of a problem it can be. Searching around the internet I found J OS and since then have never looked back. My teacher is very flexible because of the one on one nature. At first I was very worried I would be too stupid to learn anything new especially since it had been 10 years since I was last in a learning enviroment. I found I am learning things and getting very excited about it!! The only problem now is finding more time to study!

------- from J-OS
Kevin-san, thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I remember that at first Kevin-san were very worried but now I am very happy to know that your study is going well :) Hope you enjoy your life in Japan!

Mr.Simon Jensen / Denmark / Skjern

This method of teaching actually works. I can schedule my own lessons. I have found a teacher, who lives in the United States, which is really good, because the time difference between Denmark and Japan is a problem. Even if my schedule should change on a long-term basis, there are backup teachers/solutions in other countries. Every lesson is over VoiP technology (Skype), so I am only dependent on my personal computer and a common high-speed Internet connection.

I have a regular textbook with regular homework. I can scan homework and e-mail it to my teacher. For each lesson there are a lesson report, where new words, grammar etc. are described. My teacher is a highly capable teacher, who very quickly found my level. The curriculum is specialized to my personal learning capability. She always encourages me to speak in Japanese. Quickly summarized this is an efficient and flexible way of learning and can only be recommended. Try it. Try it before your neighbour.

------- from J-OS
Simon-san, thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to hear that you enjoy the lessons with your teacher :).

Mr.Brian Armstrong / Japan Yokohama

I think it's a great system and I've already recommended it to most of my friends..

------- from J-OS
Brian-san, thank you very much for your comment and for your recommendation to your friends. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!.

Ms.Kesha / Japan Izumo

My instructor is awesome and each lesson is fun and comfortable. I was afraid that the lessons would get boring after a few weeks but it hadn't. I have had a great experience and this summer my brother is hoping to take a few courses online as well.

------- from J-OS
Kesha-san, thank you very much for your comment. My father lives in Izumo, too! Very close to Izumo-Taisha. He can not speak English at all, so if you meet him please speak Japanese for him :)

Ms.D / USA

Like many other students of JOS, I am extremely glad that I found JOS. The only regret I have is that I did not find it earlier!!

For busy people like me who have absolutely no time to commute to classes while working a hectic full-time job, JOS is really a life-saver. Not only is the quality of teachers excellent, the support staff is always supportive, genuinely caring, and responds to any questions or concerns almost immediately. What's great about JOS is the flexibility it offers its students - private lessons you can easily do while in the comfort of your own home and at a reasonable price. Lesson reports are extremely helpful in enabling the student to review what he/she had learned in the previous lesson.

Finally, teachers at JOS are always open to suggestions, comments, and even criticism and are always eager to improve and customize their lessons to the needs of the student.

All in all, JOS is truly a fantastic place to learn Japanese, and I would most certainly recommend JOS to anyone who is even the least bit interested in learning or improving their Japanese skills. Don't hesitate to sign up for a trial lesson! :)

------- from J-OS
D-san, thank you for your comment and congratulations on your success on the JLPT level 1!
Yoku ganbari mashita ne. Hontou ni omedetou gozaimasu!

Ms.Vesta / US / Washington, DC

Minasan, konnichiwa!

After living in Japan for a year, I came back to the States and wanted to learn more Japanese. It was difficult to find a teacher nearby and self-study wasn't good enough for me.

Finally, I signed up with J-OS and talked with Koike-san. He is very kakkoii and always eager to please the student. Also, my teacher Yates-san is great. After just 2 months I have seen a very big improvement in my pronunciation and comprehension. I look forward to learning so much more from them.

Yates-san, Koike-san, domo arigatou gozaimasu! (^.^)/

------- from J-OS
Vesta-san, It's nice of you to say so(kakkoii). Also, I am happy to hear that your Japanese study work out well. Actually, that is more important for me :). Korekara mo issho ni nihongo no benkyo wo ganbarimashou!

Ms.Jessica / USA / Idaho

I'm on the road a lot so the online sessions fit my mobile schedule perfectly. I can be taking my lesson in the hotel room one day and at home next. Both my teacher Suzuki-Sensei and support from Kei-San are top notch. I would recommend JOS to anybody who is interested in learning Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Jessica-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy speaking Japanese when you visit to Japan next.

Ms.Jeanne Ham / Holland / Utrecht

J-OS is a splendid way to learn japanese language at home. One can do it in one's own time. The school is well organized.

------- from J-OS
Jeanne-san, thank you very much for your comment. I hope Jeanne-san talk with Jack-san in Japanese.

Mr.Paul / Japan

Japan Online School is a time effective way to learn Japanese. You have the advantages of individual instruction without the inconvenience of travelling to meet your teacher.In a classroom situation I feel that a lot of time is wasted by copying information from a whiteboard/blackboard. I like the fact that with the online lessons I can just "cut and paste" my teachers notes. Simple. I also like the fact that I can do the lesson in the privacy and comfort of my own home, not some smokey, crowded, noisy cafe! The support staff are empathetic to students needs and the quality of the audio and video connection is more than adequate. Thank you J-OS for giving me a convenient way to improve my skills.

------- from J-OS
Paul-san, thank you very much for your comment. I think Paul-san know the most effective method of language study by experience as an English teacher, and we are happy to support your study. If you have other suggestions, please please let us know. We are very interested in :)

Ms.Inge / Australia

I wasn't too sure about how to do on line lessons. Even so, I went out and bought a webcam. The support staff organised a meeting with me. They helped me set up my camera and made sure I was comfortable. I had a trial lesson (which went well). I also booked some lessons after. Once there was a misunderstanding about the day I had booked my lesson but to my surprise I had a phone call (to my landline here in Australia) direct from Japan making sure everything was okay. I was totally surprised. I felt like a valued client and the support staff were extremely professional. I recommend it to anyone!! My experience has been wonderful!

------- from J-OS
Inge-san, thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I understand that we always get a little nervous when we try new things but I think it is important to learn a language. Try using new words, vocabulary without fear of failure, then you can make progress!

Mr.Radif Sharafullin / US / Massachusetts

I don't have any japanese tutors in my neighborhood, so the idea of the online school is absolutely wonderful to me. I'm saving an enormous amount of time and money that I would've spent commuting to a closest japanese school, which is on the mainland. I live on island, but I feel like I'm making regular trips to Japan every 3 days. Learing at home at my convenient time and pace is a great fit to my busy schedule.

------- from J-OS
Radif-san, thank you very much for your comment. Ueno-sensei and I am happy to be able to learn with you :)

Mr.Koh Ee How / Singapore

Great for busy and mobile people like us.

------- from J-OS
Koh-san, thank you very much for your comment.

Mr.Barry / Japan / Kobe

This was an interesting way to learn. I would recommend it.

------- from J-OS
Barry-san, thank you very much for your comment.

Mr.Franz / Japan / Tokyo

I was very impressed by the learning experience, as I had initially thought there may be some drawback in on-line learning, such as lack of contact or crossover talk due to connection speed, basically leading to an ineffective lesson. Quite the contrary, even when abroad on business trips in Europe I still find the exchange fast enough to pace through the lessons at my own speed rather than that of the Internet connection. Ueno-san, the teacher I am having lessons with, greatly adds to the positive experience, as he is used to utilizing the PC as a learning tool, never forgetting to add some personal color to the lessons. All in all, thanks J-OS, for providing such an innovative learning environment.

------- from J-OS
Franz-san, thank you very much for your comment and for taking our lessons from across the world. Ueno-sensei and we are sometimes surprized by that Franz-san learn so quickly.

Mr.Matt Rees / Japan / Tokyo

I recieved a job offer to work in Japan in July of 2006. Naturally I was very thrilled to recieve such an offer, but was very nervous about the language difference. I failed to find a local teacher, and so I looked online. I highly reccomened the J-OS system, with friendly and helpful teachers, not only have they helped me speak the language but helped me greatly with life in Japan. The lessons are well planned and completly in tune with student needs and are great fun as well. The best way to learn Japanese in my view.

------- from J-OS
Matt-san, thank you very much for your comment. How is going on your life in Japan? I know that Matt-san had been learning very hard while you were in UK and now we are happy with that Matt-san is still taking our lessons even in Japan.

Ms.Ann / Canada

Learning online is great! I travel a lot, and so I can take lessons from any location. Also, I do not waste any time traveling to/from a tutor's office or a classroom. This is very efficient, and it is a fun way to learn.

------- from J-OS
Ann-san, thank you very much for your comment. We know that Ann-san is very busy. However you have been able to continue your Japanese study, it is great! And we are sure you are able to carry on. Wishing you every happiness throughout the coming year.

Mr.Danny Rosenbaum / England-London

J-OS provides an affordable way to get sufficient frequency of lessons to effectively improve my Japanese.
The lessons are tailored to my needs and in spite of the time difference between England and Japan I have found no problem in scheduling good and consistent lesson times. The teacher creates an atmosphere where I am encouraged to push my Japanese and I have no fear of making mistakes with her, therefore I find I try harder to 'exercise' my Japanese and improve.

------- from J-OS
Danny-san, thank you very much for your comment. Making mistakes is allright as long as you learn something from them and we are sure that you can do it. I hope you can improve your Japanese and hope you learn Japanese culture as well:).

Ms. Anya Schultheiss / British Virgin Islands-Tortola

Ive tried to learn Japanese on my own for quite some time. Its very different learning out of a book as opposed to learning directly from a Japanese native. The experience of having actual conversation in Japanese is invaluable in helping speed along the learning experience. Also the support and attention you receive by having the one on one lecturing is amazing. In only two months I find myself able to hold a conversation (though pretty basic) with my professor, something I could not do when I first started. I am able to contact my professor anytime during the week via email if I need any help or have any questions. And the support staff is readily available if I have any concerns. J-os has thoroughly impressed me and I am very satisfied with the service I am receiving.

------- from J-OS
Hi, Anya-san. To be honest with you, I was somewhat suprised when we recieved your application from Tortola Island :) But now, we are very happy that we can give Japanse lessons without any connction problems.

Ms.R / US

When I started J-OS, I was not a beginner in Japanese. I had studied Japanese while I was in College, but I was extremely rusty since it had been over 8 years ago. Along with that, I hadn't used it very much, so I forgot a lot of things. Right before choosing J-OS, I had done research beforehand, and studied with a similar online Japanese language school. Unlike J-OS, they did not want to work with my level. I had to start from the very beginning. I was learning what I already knew. Reviewing is a nice thing.. however, after 4 weeks of taking lessons from that school, I did not improve, and I felt my money was wasted.

After studying with my assigned teacher on J-OS for the past few months, I notice that I have improved greatly. I used to be extremely ashamed to speak, but now I feel more confident. I was not able to form sentences as well as I could now.

Support is awesome. Replies are always prompt. I feel at ease knowing that I can get a response right away. Along with support, the lesson report has been really helpful. It's easy to look over what is learned, and how we will proceed with the next lesson. Also, since my preferred chat client is Skype, it's not easy to save the vocabulary posted via chat as it is with MSN Messenger. I have ease in knowing that it will be emailed to me along with the report.

The reservation system here at J-OS is the most convenient. With the previous school I was in, I had to communicate with a mediator in order to set a date with my teacher. It was really inconvenient. With the reservation system here, I can easily look at my teacher's schedule, then pick and set a time.

I enjoy studying with my teacher here at J-OS, and I hope to continue my studies here to reach my goal.

Mr. Koike, PLEASE SMILE MORE!! When I first met you online, you seemed so serious so I felt a little intimidated. :(

------- from J-OS
R-san, thank you for your advice! Yes, I will smile more! lol

Mr.Justin B / Czech Republic-Prague

I strongly recommend J-OS. My teacher is fantastic and lessons are built around whatever you want to study in that session. And since you can pick the teacher that fits your style and that you get along with the best. Good luck finding that at a conventional language school!

Also, I move around a lot - I've lived in three different cities in the last six months. J-OS has allowed me to keep studying Japanese with the same teacher throughout all my crazy moves, which would have been impossible otherwise.

As you can tell, I'm very happy with the lessons I have here - I'm sure you will be too.

------- from J-OS
Justin-san, thank you for your taking our lesson in the long term. We are happy to hear that you have been able to keep Japanese online lessons with us from Chech.

Mr.Teddy B / England-London

Very good service. Pleasant teacher, very congenial. Very helpful to learning. Very reasonable price for lessons.

------- from J-OS
We hope Teddy-san use a lot of Japanese phrase you have learned in the next visit to Japan.

Dr.Emma Cook / England-London

I really enjoy taking lessons with J-OS. I have a very busy working life and I love the fact that I can come home, grab a cup of coffee and study Japanese from home. I have studied Japanese for a while and I really don't enjoy group lessons as it allows me to be lazy if I am tired. However, the one-on-one style at J-OS really allows me to focus and gives me very personalised and appropriate lessons so I feel like I learn a lot more from my one hour one-on-one class than a two hour group lesson.

My lessons are also enjoyable. My teacher plans very good quality lessons that are suitable for my level, and she explains clearly and slows down when I need her to. I have also been able to build a really nice rapport with her which takes the stress away from learning a new language as I feel really safe to make stupid mistakes and am not embarassed when I do!

From the support side J-OS is very good. I have had a couple of occasions where I have had computer problems and J-OS were very supportive and prompt in their help. The lesson report system is also great as although I keep a copy of any corrected sentences that Tsugawa-sensei sends to me on messenger I also recieve a copy of my lessons, with her comments and suggestions on as well, which I find really useful for when I am studying alone.

Also, the reservation system makes scheduling lessons quick and easy so I don't have to waste time writing lots of e-mails or making phone calls to schedule classes. All in all, I am really really happy with this school, and plan to keep taking lessons with them for a long time! I would really recommend J-OS to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.

------- from J-OS
Emma-san seems very busy after your coming back to UK. Please take good care of yourself, and we are looking forward to your coming back to Japan in this summer.

Ms.Tuk / Thailand-Bangkog

Dear Kei-san

I was planning to write to you since last week but have been so "Awatadashii" with work and kids that I kept postponing till now. I am writing to let you know that I am very happy with the lessons and with your online school.

The lessons are interesting and she speaks and explains clearly. I am also very much pleased about the system of lesson report. And your support for any technical problem is always very prompt and helpful. The reservation system is also very simple to follow.

I notice that you don't have any customers' review page on your web page, otherwise I would definitely leave good praise and comment. Actually before I decided to try out the lesson with your school, I was a little hesitant because there is only information about the school and the learning system on your homepage but there are no reviews from actual students at all. So I have to thank you for the free trial lesson because now I know that I have found the right place for me to study Japanese online. It's definitely worth my time and money. J

I'm sorry for not writing this e-mail in Japanese. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, it will take me a looooong time to write this e-mail if I were to write it in Japanese, which I may keep postponing writing it and secondly, you might not fully understand what I'm trying to say due to my "Okashii Nihongo".

In short, I just would like to let you know how much I appreciate your great service. Thank you very much,

------- from J-OS
Tuk-san, thank you for your proposal. Yes we will put comments from students in this page.

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